Introduction to the Bible

You’ve been wanting to read and study the Bible, but you don’t really know where to start. Maybe you have questions that you’re afraid to ask. St. John the Divine Church is hosting a 9-week course entitled, Introduction to the Bible.

Pastor Ike Nicholson will lead you through how the Bible is organized, how it came to be like it is today, and why it remains the most trusted ancient document in the world. He will then walk participants through the scope and sequence of the content, and offer ways to begin effectively reading and studying it on your own.

Whether you are new to the Bible or would love a refresher that will include new information, you won’t want to miss this course.

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Pastor Nicholson received his M.Div. and was ordained in 1995. He earned the Doctor of Ministry degree in 2013 from Virginia Theological Seminary. His doctoral research was in catechesis, which is a term the church uses to describe the process used to teach the timeless truths of the faith. In addition to being a parish pastor for almost 30 years, Pastor Nicholson taught liturgy (the history of worship styles) at Kentucky Christian University. This experience has given Pastor Nicholson a reputation for making complex ideas easily accessible to everyday folks.


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